Golden Mammoth is a neo-psychedelia outfit band based in Putrajaya, Malaysia started by Syabil Alyahya (the brain of Golden Mammoth) who began experimenting, recording and producing in his bedroom. Syabil expresses himself through dancy basslines, lush vocals and hypnotising guitars as he narrates his journey with moving, uplifting and spiritual verses while experimenting with a wide range of musical styles. As a result, every song is a chaotic, flavor-full adventure put out by Syabil.


In 2015, Syabil released his debut EP, Malavita that consists of 4 songs (handpicked from his bedroom experiments). The EP had 4 different elements, from electronica, psychedelic-rock, ballad and prog-rock. This EP confirmed that Syabil is very oscillating with his musical style and does not lean to one single genre.

Syabil’s bedroom endeavours have then grown from being a solo act to performing alongside Que, Zaki, Faris and Ojay. Since then, Golden Mammoth began making their presence in the Malaysian music industry by participating in The Wknd Recording Fund, ranking in third in the overall competition.

In 2016, the band released their sophomore album; Metaphoric Quadraphonic. The album consists of 12 tracks exploring synthesizers, sappy pop vocals, groovy bass lines while blending both acoustic and whirring electric guitars in most of the tracks. The album was executed as a heavy 60s psychedelic soundscape with a modern touch. In 2017, the band released their single from the album titled “Malicious Judicious” known by it’s groovy bass line and the blues scales in Syabil’s guitar work.


Golden Mammoth then continued their journey by playing festivals in the likes of Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival, Iskarnival in Johor, Cyberjaya Music Festival, Ram Jam Festival and Baybeats Music Festival in Singapore. On top of that, they spanned across 5 cities of Indonesia starting with Jakarta for Connan Mockasin show as one of the opening act, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang and Bali in early April 2019.

After 2 years of taking a creative break and playing shows around Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, the band released two new singles titled “Lap of Luxury” and “Galeia’s Touch” in 2019. The band are set to release a second full length album consisting of 9 tracks. Not long after the two single release, the band released their second full length album “Skyscraper Towards the Sun”, a neo-psychedelia album, but a slightly more diverse experimentation mixing the roots of Syabil’s music taste in Rock, Prog- Rock,Prog-Pop, Blues, Funk and Smooth Jazz.